Greater Lowell Baseball Umpires Association
In Honorable Rememberance of our members who have 'crossed over' to the divine diamond in the sky

In the words of member Ray Wagner, "The day I make this list, I truly hope to be umpiring games involving former players of the Angels and not the Devil Rays"!



Year Member(s)
Year Member(s)
1980 Harold Van Arnum   2000 Mike Skaff
1982 Tim Rourke              Don Billingsley   2001 Fred Bellissimo
1983 Fred Rush   2005 Bob Roach
1984 Warren Burr   2006 Jim Oliver               Jim Sullivan
1987 Walter Zipps   2007 Paul Galasso     Tom Jones
1989 Ron Isabelle              Gil Vendette   2011 Thomas Cobb   Colin MacDonald  Harry Nelson     Tom Saunders    Harry Ayotte     Bob Loranger
1990 Tom Donahue   2013 Al Lanni
1992 Larry Kleiner   2014 Rich Heos
Harland Robbins
Tony LaBrecque
1993 Tom Desharnis  Frank Finnerty   Ray Sylvain                Joe Woods   2015 Willie Zinser
1996 Howard Lafaver   2016 Ken Jay
1997 Ralph Scott   2017 Frederick Arakelian Peter Passerini
      2018 Ray Vachon
      2019 Leo Avila Sr.