Greater Lowell Baseball Umpires Association
                      Membership Requirements

1)    Members are required to pay their annual dues on time.
2)    Members are notified around September 1st of their required dues. Members must then pay the dues by Sept 30th.  This covers their financial obligation for the following season.
        a)    Dues for members umpiring High School Baseball is $60. Dues for Inactive & Apprentice (under 18 years of age) members are $ 30.  
        b)    Life Members are exempt from paying the dues.
3)    If dues is not paid on time, these members may not be listed in the GLBUA directory for the following season
4)   Members MUST attend Interpretation meeting & half of the GLBUA membership meetings held prior to and around the start of the season.  This requirement may be waived if a member contacts the Secretary requesting to be excused for personal / work / health reasons.

** Members who do not meet the requirements will be notified by email and US mail they are no longer in good standing with the GLBUA. If they are unable to resolve the issue(s) , they will be dropped from the GLBUA roster and be listed as a member “NOT IN GOOD STANDING “. The Secretary will then notify the GLBUA members and other local boards of their status.